Julie Bindel smoked too much pot in Amsterdam
Radical feminist Julie Bindel went to Amsterdam, and apparently got stoned and started to hallucinate about what is going in prostitution. In an article she wrote in May this year, it's hard to believe that anyone would take this woman serious. Her claims are so over the top, that you're beginning to wonder if she's actually serious, or she's trying to ridicule radical feminists against prostitution. It's almost as if she's trying to apply for a job as a comedian at Comedy Central.

It's not the first time Bindel wrote stuff about Amsterdam which made no sense at all, about which I also wrote a blogpost. But this time she's pushing the envelope of disbelieve even further with her anti-prostitution article to such an extend, that you're wondering if she's trying to make a parody about herself or not.

In the article Bindel writes such absolute nonsense like: "Jobs in brothels are advertised in job centres...". What?! Hahahahaha! Seriously, you think people are going to believe this? And things like: "Not many Dutch women want to work in prostitution, despite the government promoting it as a viable career choice." The Dutch government promoting prostitution as a viable career choice?! In what universe?!

The funniest one of all was this one: "Local authorities in Holland are not allowed to refuse to licence brothels on “moral or ethical grounds” – to do so would make them liable to prosecution."
Hahahahahah! If that would be true, Amsterdam couldn't have closed any of the brothels they did.
According to Julie Bindel there are also by definition 'no pimps in Holland'. Really? Than how come that some many people are writing about it in Dutch media, and how come that pimps are being arrested if this definition doesn't exist?

Bindel also claims that each time she visits Amsterdam, she sees the streets are teaming with pimps ans traffickers. I wonder how, because it's not like they're wearing a button that says they're a pimp or a trafficker. So how the hell does she know they are pimps or traffickers? And if she truly thinks she saw pimps or traffickers, than why didn't she run to the police to report it, so these people could get arrested? Or is that perhaps because she's lying as fuck about it?

Bindel writes yet again about De Rode Draad, the Dutch sex workers union. According to her only 100 of Holland's 25.000 prostitutes are a member. That's really kind of weird, since the organisation went bankrupt back in 2012 already, and it was unknown how many members De Rode Draad had. But Bindel just likes to make stuff up as she goes, stuff like a union representing pimps and customers. No such union exists, which is perhaps also the reason why she doesn't mention the name of this organisation. But Bindel doesn't care, she lie about anything to get prostitution abolished.

And junkies injecting themselves in public a common sight? Anyone who's ever been to Amsterdam knows this is an absolute lie. But people who haven't visited Amsterdam don't know that, which is the target audience of Bindel. Ignorance is bless I guess, in her case. Some of the other stuff about pedophilia and euthanasia are just way too much over the top to take serious. Bindel uses extreme examples of controversy, like a pedophile political party that some people once started, which was already dissolved back in 2010.

As I've understood, Bindel apparently also writes for the newspaper The Guardian. How such an abomination is allowed to write for such a big newspaper is beyond me. In fact, how anyone could take Bindel serious is beyond me. Her lies are easy verifiable, by just taking one step in Amsterdam, en seeing that junkies injecting heroine into themselves with a needle are not a common side. Or even such a simple thing as calling any Dutch newspaper, to ask if some of the organisations which Bindel claims that exists, really exist.

I'm used to abolitionists lying about things, but Bindel takes it so such an extent that it suspends disbelief so much, it almost becomes a parody on itself. My only explanation could be that she got stoned in Amsterdam while writing this article. I'm not even sure if I should take this person serious, but apparently Dutch politicians and feminists such as Gert-Jan Segers, Renate van der Zee, Elma Drayer and Karina Schaapman do. Not such a weird thing, they're all part of the same anti-prostitution movement in Europe. Now let's just hope other people see that you shouldn't take these people serious, as they'll make up and lie about anything to get prostitution abolished.

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  1. Korhomme Says:

    Are you new to Julie Bindel? She has 'form' on prostitution, saying once that she would shoot all of you. She's a 'radical feminist', and while intelligent, her view of anything is distinctly coloured by this perspective. She doesn't take an evidence-based view, rather she sees through pink-coloured blinkers.

  2. Julie Bindel has been telling lies for years. On a TV documentary 'Britain's Happy Hookers' she said "We know from countless innumerable studies on prostitution and the sex industry ... that abuse is endemic. That women suffer all kinds of psychological and physical health problems." The presenter did not check to see if this is true. It isn't.

    She wrote in the Guardian "[S]tudies have found that that at least 70 per cent of women working in UK brothels are trafficked from places such as Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe." Penalising the Punters Guardian G2 21 November 2008. The newspaper had to retract the statement because no such studies exist.

    She also said on the radio that when in Nevada she had met learning disabled women who had been double pimped. In her report on Nevada brothels she mentions one learning disabled woman called Sindy. Sindy had not been double pimped. So I think for Julie the ends justifies the means. If it takes a few lies to confuse people then she thinks that's OK.

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