First tour company co-founded by a prostitute
I have some exciting news to share! After a long time of thinking about this, I've finally decided to be a part of a tour company that offers guided tours through the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Which means that from now on you can actually book a tour and get to meet me!

I came up with this idea already more than a year ago. Every day I see tour guides showing the Red Light District of Amsterdam and talking about us, like they know a thing about us. Often talking complete bullshit, it has become a hassle for many girls. Even more so because some of these groups are quite large (even up to 80 people!) and they more and more often stand in the wrong places (in front of the windows for example), and don't respect the rules of the neighborhood. And it wouldn't be so bad if it would bring in some customers for us, but reality is that they don't. They show the neighborhood, they point us out, talk about us, but leave with the group and you never see those people back anymore.

So basically it comes down to the fact that they're making money from our existence, while we don't get a single cent from it. After all, if we wouldn't be there, there wouldn't be a Red Light District, and they wouldn't be able to ask people money for a tour through the Red Light District. So they're profiting from us, without sharing that profit with any of us.

So I thought, why not do it myself? But because there are so many tour guides already in the area, I needed something unique, something no other tour guide is offering. So I talked the idea over with someone else a while ago who also does tours, and he suggested that I should be a part of the tour to talk about my experiences during the tour. After all, there is no tour out there that features a real prostitute. And to make things even more exclusive, we talked with my brothel operator if we could show a window brothel on the inside during our tour, which he was happy to do.

And now, after a lot of hard work on the website, we're finally open for business.  It's the first tour company co-founded by an active window prostitute. We offer daily tours through the Red Light District with several options. Our standard Red Light District Tour is offered with our tour guide. If you want a meet and greet with myself, and hear about my experiences working behind the windows and ask me questions, you can book the Meet A Prostitute Tour. You can also pay a visit with a tour guide to a real window brothel, and take a look behind the scenes inside our workplaces. And for those that want everything together, we offer the ability to meet me inside one of the window brothels, where you can take a look inside a window brothel, and I'll explain how everything works, and I'll talk about my experiences.

I'm really excited about this new business, because it gives everyone the opportunity to talk with a real working prostitute from the Red Light District, and even to take a look inside a real window brothel. So no more bullshit stories, no more false information, but the real story behind the Red Light District from a real prostitute who actually works there!

Tours can be booked on our website, which you can find at

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