Who am I?
My name is Felicia Anna and I'm a 30 year old Romanian window prostitute working in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. I live together with my boyfriend Mark van der Beer in the center of Amsterdam, capital of prostitution world wide. Of course Felicia Anna is not my real name, and neither is my boyfriend's real name Mark van der Beer, but they are our online pseudonyms to safely speak out about the reality of prostitution in Amsterdam.

Due to the fact that our family and friends do not know about my choice for this job, and I like to keep it that way since prostitution is still not generally accepted as a regular job, I like to stay anonymous. Therefore my online name holds no relation with my working name or my real name. It is a way for me to be able to blog about my job and my experiences as a prostitute in Amsterdam, and to inform people about the realities of prostitution.

I've started this blog due to the huge misinformation about my job, the Red Light District in Amsterdam, prostitution in Holland and sex work in general. There is simple so much false information out there about my job, that I feel obligated to inform people about the truth.
I know most of the girls working in the Red Light District in Amsterdam in the evening, since I've been working there for more then 6 years, and therefore have a good insight on not just my own life, but also the lives of other girls, most of whom come from either Romania like myself, or Bulgaria and Hungary.

I've been features already in many articles in the media both domestic and abroad, which you can find on my media articles page. Furthermore I'm a member of the Dutch sex work union PROUD to improve the rights of sex workers, and I frequently talk with politicians and other policy makers to inform them about the realities and problems of sex workers in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

Due to the fact that I got a lot of interview requests in the past, I've decided to no longer give any interviews. If you wish to know more about prostitution, or talk to sexworkers I suggest contacting PROUD and asking them.

Most of the questions I got during interviews in the past however are already explained here on my blog. Things like why I started to do this job, what the realities of and the consequences for Project 1012 in Amsterdam are for me and other sex workers, as well as the subject of human trafficking, are all wel covered on my blog. So please help yourself in finding the answers you're looking for and feel free to quote from my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, please feel free to leave comments and to spread this blog to inform others about the reality of prostitution.

Felicia Anna