Original Tours making fun of trafficking victims and prostitutes
Ever wanted to have a fun time with friends? Well, how about visiting the Red Light District Escape Room, where you have to escape from a window brothel before your 'pimp' returns, isn't that a fun idea?! Yes, this is now possible in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. A great way to profit over the existence of prostitutes in the area, as well as profiting over victims of human trafficking, plus as as a  bonus you get to increase the stigma of sex workers as victims!

This is something that Original Tours & Activities Nederland B.V. is now offering in the Red Light District. A fun experience, where you get locked up in a fake window brothel, and you have to 'escape' by following the clues in the room within 60 minutes, before your 'pimp' comes back. According to the website the hilarious rating is 8/10, with a difficulty degree of 4 stars and an escape ratio of 63%. The costs? Only €14,50 per person, or €12,50 with 13 people or more. Or you can book the room with 7 people or less for €100,-.

Apparently Original Tours things it's hilarious, I think it's the most disrespectful thing you can do to make money on. Original Tours signed on the 3rd of April of this year a convenant with other tour guides and the city. The goal of this convenant, among other things, was to respect sex workers who are working in the Red Light District. It's one of the reasons why some of the rules include not taking pictures of prostitutes behind the windows, not to stop in front of the window brothels or in narrow alleys where there are windows.

But Original Tours doesn't seem to care about the sex workers. They only seem to be interested to make profit over them, and even further stigmatize them as victims with this 'fun activity'. But worst of all, think about how those victims of trafficking must feel that now people can have 'fun' experiencing what they experienced, and that people are even making money over this. In fact, they seem to think it's hilarious to have to escape from a pimp with a rating of 8 out of 10. I wished the people behind this company would experience it for real to see how much fun it is to be a victim!

This is the most disgusting way of profiting from sex workers I've ever seen. Not only are they making fun of trafficking victims, and stigmatizing the sex workers that aren't. They make it sound like having a pimp and escaping one is an 'exciting' thing to do. This company is absolutely disgusting for offering something like this. It shows they have absolutely zero respect for us as sex workers, and I sincerely hope the politicians in this city are going to do something about this. This company should be banned from the Red Light District forever!

Scrap these people from the list of companies that signed the convenant, ban them as a company to organize any activities having to do with the Red Light District or prostitution or human trafficking. Whether you care about sex workers right's, or about the victims of human trafficking. Whether you support prostitution or not, this should not be allowed!

Please share this post and raise awareness over the disgusting way these people are making money over our backs, and raise more awareness over sex workers right's.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Felicia Anna,
    I have read almost all your articles which you have written here and i must say that you are doing great work. You write with great clarity which is amazing. But i want your help regarding one of my friends. A friend of mine recently told me that he had visited RLD of Amsterdam a year back and he had sex with a girl there. He is a nice guy and has respect for everyone but he is very stressed about the fact the maybe the girl he had sex with was forced into this profession.Though he told me that the girl seemed quite happy but still Every day he thinks what if that girl was exploited and forced into this business and he may have added to her pain. I shared links of your articles with him but he is still depressed by this thought of his.He is very respectful towards sex workers and is just stressed by this thought.Can you please suggest me of any way to help my friend ?

  2. Felicia Anna Says:

    Good question. But if my posts won't help him convince of this, probably nothing will. Probably even if the girl herself, which he visited, will tell him the truth, he still won't believe it. Some people just can't handle or accept the truth.

    But to be clear. Even if she was a victim of trafficking, it still doesn't mean she wasn't doing this job by choice. Let alone that he 'added to her pain'. Even victims who where forced into this job, which I know personally, have told me they don't blame their customers. But the chance that he went in with one of those girls is very small, to almost non-existent, since girls that end up in the RLD of Amsterdam are in 99,9% of the time fully aware before they come to Amsterdam that they're going to do this job, and have agreed on it, even if they become victims of trafficking later on.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank You Felicia !! I will surely tell my friend about your reply. Once again, Thanks a Lot !!

  4. Kristine Says:

    Hello Felicia Anna,

    I've been following your blog for a while and I love to read your stories from the red light district!

    I visited Amsterdam in May, and really enjoyed visiting the museum of prostitution. I love learning about other people, other people's professions and way of living. As a travel blogger, I am also curious as to know what the girls working in the red light district think of all the different kinds of tourists who visit the district. The couples and groups of friends who go to the windows to giggle or stare in fascination, the groups of drunk guys celebrating their bachelor parties, the guided tours with busloads of Chinese and Japanese tourists looking at the girls as if they were tourist attractions - well, those people, and more.

    I would love to do a blog post on these kinds of tourists, and how you view them.

    Would you be interested in an interview?

    In case you are, here's my email address: contact.kristine.i@gmail.com

    And this is my blog: www.explorelovetravel.net

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Anna, disgusting. please delete the link to their website, you give them extra exposure now!

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