City of Groningen violating privacy sexworkers
The sexworkers in Groningen need our help. In the past year the sexworkers in Groningen have been through a tough year. First of all they closed down 50 window brothels in Groningen, meaning again 50 legal workplaces have disappeared in The Netherlands for sexworkers.

At the same time the city of Groningen developed a new prostitution policy in which they want to force sexworkers to quit working. They also want to make it legal to trespass sexworkers their private homes, to make it mandatory for sexworkers who want to press charges for human trafficking to quit their job as well, and to register private information of sexworkers through a mandatory intake interview, which violates the law, since registering such private information is forbidden according to the Dutch law.

The city of Groningen has already admitted that their policy will drive women to work illegal (without a permit), in the underground scene, but to put it simply: they don't care. They see no reason to change their plans regarding their prostitution policy, even though it violates the law!!!

The Dutch union for sexworkers PROUD has already announced that they'll be starting a court case against the city of Groningen for violating the privacy of sexworkers through this illegal registration of privacy information with their mandatory intake interviews.

To put more pressure on the city of Groningen, PROUD is going to do a protest in Groningen on the 30th of September. There they'll hand over a petition to the mayor, urging the city to stop their plans to illegal register private information of sexworkers. 

If you want you can sign the petition, and help the sexworkers in Groningen protect their privacy and human rights. You can sign the petition here.


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  1. Jan Says:

    What you need to do is not 'urge the city' but 'surge' the city!!!

  2. Padam raj Says:


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