New law throws sex workers in jail
From the 12th of October parliament will vote on the new prostitution law in Holland, the so called WRP (Wet Regulering Prostitutie). According to the ministery of Justice such a law is needed because at the moment there are too many differences between cities, this causing sex workers moving from one city to the next.

An example of that can be found in the intake interview sex workers have to take in Amsterdam. This intake is aimed at making sure sex workers are independent enough to do this job. In other words, to make sure there's not a pimp secretly behind the scenes arranging everything. One of those things to check if sex workers are independent enough, is for example a language test. Sex workers have to be able to speak either Dutch, English, Spanish or German. Or at least, that's how it was until recently, because apparently some court ruled now that only Dutch and English are allowed.

If the Dutch or English is not sufficient enough, the sex worker in question is given a negative work advice. Not to the sex worker itself however, but to the brothel owners, meaning that if they allow this woman to work they could loose their permit, and the whole brothel has to close down. Thus resulting in the fact that no brothel owner wants to deal with the sex worker in question, leaving the sex worker without any place to work.

So what happens is that this already vulnrable sex worker either moves into illegal prostitution, or moves to another city, which has different rules, and does not require such an intake, meaning they can work without problem over there. In short, the problem is not stopped, the problems are simply moving elsewhere. And that's something this law aims to target. Unified rules in all of Holland, so sex workers who fail to pass the requirements, will not move elsewhere.

But the rules to further regulate the prostitution industry take things very far. For example, all prostitutes working without a permit will become punishable. This goes for all sex workers, including sex workers that work from their own house, meaning they would be required to get a permit. No permit would mean a fine, or even worse: jail!
That's right, Holland is going to throw sex workers in jail for not having a permit, which funny enough they can hardly ever get, because hardly ever do cities give out permits for prostitution, because nobody wants prostitution in their neighborhood. Already the main problem with prostitution in Holland, is the shortage of workplaces due to the constant closures of legal workplaces (40% has been closed down already), while it's impossible to get a permit for a new workplace. But now they actually want to throw sex workers in jail for not being able to get this impossible to get permit.

Even weirder is the fact that also webcamgirls and webcamboys would be required to have a permit. Yes, that's right! People do webcam work all over the world without problem, but in Holland they would need to get a permit for this. Why? Simply because they are sex workers, not because it is in any way visible or noticeable on the outside. After all, anybody could be a webcam performer, without you even knowing it. But they would now also be obliged to get a permit. If not, it's jail for them as well.

Now, if you thought that this new law might perhaps make it easier to get a new permit, since they now make you punishable if you don't have one. Forget about it! In fact, they make it even easier for cities to refuse permits!!! It's almost as if this new law wants more illegal working prostitutes in stead of more legal businesses they can control.

And if that isn't enough, the new law permits police to enter the house of any sex worker without permission. Yes, that's right! Holland is allowing police more reasons to harass sex workers than they already had. Did they before need the permission of a sex worker, that right is now being suspended, making trespassing a sex workers home legal. That's right, sex workers are being discriminated with this law to be trespassed, a first time ever!

That this law is not just pure insanity, violating the privacy rights of sex workers by making it legal to trespass their homes, and criminalizing sex workers if they don't have a permit which becomes more difficult to get than it already is. But more over, this law is just criminalizing sex workers more, giving them less rights, and this goes in directly against Amnesty their call to decriminalize sex workers and giving them more in stead of less rights!
Holland is moving more into criminalizing sex workers, violating their privacy rights and is moving away from Amnesty's proposal to decriminalize it and protect sex workers their rights. This country is really going crazy.

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  1. Cliente X Says:

    All has an explanation, dear, all has an explanation. U know whats happening. But now u must explain our readers WHO is pushing fowards this law and WHY government wants to give local authorities so huge powers to control who can or cant work LEGALLY and CONSEQUENCES of working ILLEGALLY. Moreover, u say that police will have special authorizations that may violate basic civil rights recognised by any democratic Constitution in the world. Thats not crazy. Thats fully logic, anyone who is engaged in prostitution knows the reason of ctiminalization of sex work. But I havent heard u, never, to openly explain it.

    What will happen with local authorities and police departments? How do u think will be implemenetation of new law? Will prostitution dissapear or instead be driven on a criminalized, vulnerable situation of which authorities can get a huge benefit? How can they exploit vulnerable situtation of sex workers?

    Felicia, please explain everyone what is going to happen bcause is what is happening worldwide.


  2. Unknown Says:

    Yes, please go into detail. Thank you for sharing., Ms Sassy Sherry.

  3. Unknown Says:

    Yes, please go into detail. Thank you for sharing., Ms Sassy Sherry.

  4. Lidia Says:

    Really crazy :( It's almost as if those laws wants more illegal working prostitutes in stead of more legal businesses indeed! Unbelievable.

    Greetings from Marbella, Spain

  5. Cyclist Says:

    This law should regulate prostitution but what is not regulated is the price of the license. There are already municipalities that ask E3000 annually + E1000,- registration fee. No wonder many municipalities under the leadership of the christian mayor of Alkmaar Bruinoge (of the Achterdam) can not wait to introduce this law. Then they can put impossible demands to keep it out.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hi, you said that
    "From the 12th of October parliament will vote"
    the law is already on effect?

  7. Felicia Anna Says:

    No, the law has been postphoned now several times already, due to other events (terrorist attacks etc.).

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