The lies of Frits Rouvoet
Frits Rouvoet, I wrote about him before. The brother of the former leader of the christian evangelic party in Holland, is a devoted christian and a man with many faces. His organization Blood-n-Fire is a christian organization, which according to the annual report on the website has as a goal to 'spread the word of Jesus Christ, by offering help to those who cannot take care of themselves'. With this organization he frequently claims in the media to be saving women from trafficking and prostitution, and with his second organisation Bright Fame he claims to be helping prostitutes to 'get back on track' with their lives with an exit program. According to Frits Rouvoet he only receives 800 euro a month for this, but still Blood-N-Fire alone generates an annual income through donations alone worth of 110.000 euro, while it is unknown how much income his other organisation generates It is however still unknown how Frits Rouvoet manages to maintain a living with a salary of only 800 euro a month and no other income, since he doesn't have any other job besides 'rescuing prostitutes'.

In the media Frits Rouvoet paints a grim picture of the women working behind the windows in the Red Light District. 'Nobody works voluntarily in the sex business', he claims in the media. According to Frits Rouvoet we don't have a choice, we would be manipulated and lured into this business under false pretenses. Therefore Frits Rouvoet also supports Project 1012, to close down window brothels in Amsterdam's Red Light District, as he calls it 'a step in the right direction'. And he actively advocates to make prostitution illegal again and to implement the Swedish model in Holland, in which consumers would be seen as criminals. Not exactly a positive thing for those working in the sex industry themselves.

That is also quite in contradiction with the claims he makes to people in the sex industry. On Twitter he repeatedly stated towards people from the sex industry that he had always been against the closure of windows. Completely the opposite of what he claims in the media. Also towards me and my boyfriend Frits Rouvoet claimed to be against the closure of windows, and even claimed to organize things against these closures. Quite a leap from his complete support to the closures of windows as stated by him in the media.
One of those things Frits would be organizing to stop the closures, was a meeting with brothel owners, he told me. He had send out an invitation to all the brothel owners in the Red Light District, to come and talk. It turned out however this invitation was not at all about the closures, but was an invitation to talk with parliament member Gert-Jan Segers and his plan to introduce a pimpban. Only few brothel owners showed up, many not amused. One even just came there to tell him what an asshole he was.

Also the police describes Frits Rouvoet as a lunatic, who should not be taken serious. His claims of helping girls escape from human trafficking are therefore most of the times completely made up. He doesn't save those women from traffickers, he just helps women quit this job by talking in to them, and making them feel bad about their choice of profession. But they are not victims he is saving. Most of the women in the Red Light District describe him as 'this crazy guy who sometimes brings flowers and stuff'. Many sex workers don't open the doors for him, because they don't feel like talking to an idiot like him. They often ignore him completely, or pretend to be busy, thus not letting him inside. Those that do let him inside, often have no idea what he tells about them to the media.

His goal to talk with the women in the Red Light District is obviously not to help them, but rather to gather information about them, which he uses to frame into stories of trafficking and abuse. He will often take one or two quotes from one girl, after talking to a couple of girls. And using those quotes to frame a story around it of misery, pain and trafficking.
The girls themselves however have no idea what he says and writes about them. Their main concern is not to talk bad with him about Holland, since he's Dutch. They don't realize for a second that this is not his interest, and his real interest is in getting that one quote about how bad the work is at the moment, or how they sometimes feel when things aren't going well etc. Using those quotes he builds a story for either on his blog or in the media, to paint a picture of the Red Light District as one in which it is all about pimps, trafficking and coercion.

I've had Frits Rouvoet on several occasions coming to me to talk with me inside, before he knew who I was, simply to see what he says to girls. His tactic is always the same. He first begins by talking about his own bad choices in life, like his choice to steal from his former employer and his gambling addiction, in hopes the girl he's talking with will open up about herself and talk about her own problems. Most of the times this doesn't work of course, but the few times this does work when a girl is having a difficult period in her life, are the ones that end up in stories he uses in the media and on his blog. Framed as a story of trafficking, he uses those quotes to supposedly demonstrate how 'bad' the situation is for those girls. He however never writes down most of the other things most of the girls tell, since that's not in his interest. After all, he still depends on donations.

A while ago Frits finally met the real Felicia Anna and her boyfriend. He clearly didn't remember me from the times that we were talking.before, but still pretended like he did. After talking with him for a couple of hours in a café, in which he claimed to be against the closure of windows, and even claiming he was working on a way to organize the girls as well as the brothel owners to stand up against these closures, I knew he is the type of person who will just lie straight to your face.
The next day he passed by my window, and greeted me. He said he hadn't seen me for a while, and at first I thought he was being sarcastic or making a joke, since we only met the day before. It wasn't until he started talking about if I had perhaps gone on vacation during Christmas, as the reason why he hadn't seen me in a while, that I realized he had no idea who I was anymore, even though we talked for hours the day before.
It was also than that I realized his trick is always to pretend to remember who you are, in hopes to get a conversation starting. In reality he has no idea who he's talking with, he only cares about the information you can give him, and getting those few quotes he can use in his stories about trafficking, pimps and misery. I've talked with some other girls who talked with him, and the all say the same. He pretends to be their friend, to be interested in them, but they had no idea what he tells about them in the media.

Telling one thing to the outside world, one of pain, misery and trafficking, while telling another thing to the girls working in this industry, he exploits women for their stories to paint a false picture of the women in the Red Light District who trusted him with his stories. His stories about saving women from pimps and trafficking are absolute nonsense, If he really would be saving women from pimps, he should take them to the police, so they can press charges against their pimps, and the pimp can go to jail, this also preventing it from happening again. Frits Rouvoet however never doesn't, proving he's only a faker, or someone who lets criminals get away with things, and thus not helping in the fight against trafficking he so proclaims to be doing.

He tells sex workers and people from the sex industry he is against the closure of windows. While to the media he tells he is in favor of this. To the girls he tells he helps them, in reality he's nearly exploiting their stories to frame them as trafficking stories. To the girls he pretends to be their friend, while in reality his only interest is in getting rid of prostitution, by falsely reporting about reality, selectively choosing quotes to frame them as 'stories of misery'.

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  1. Cliente X Says:

    At least he has spoken with prostitutes... many of the crusades against prostitution in Spain have never talked with one!

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  3. Felicia Anna Says:

    @Viktoria Leighton
    Yes, I know. He often sends in students for example, or his colleague Tanja Blokland, who makes the exact same false claims. I hear many girls refuse him and his people, but some girls don't know what he tells to the media, and they have no idea what a liar he is.

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